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65 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website

Get more visitor by Socializing your site advice on Web sites

1. Write great thing about your email address niche bloggers and others to let them know-there is a good chance they’ll link to

2. A signature in the forums link that points to your site

3. Post links to your pages to the sites of social bookmarks.

4. Leave comments on other blogs people and the link to your site (hint: look in the next section for digg blog about to get much traffic).

5. Have an opinion contrary to everyone on a popular issue, providing you can justify. Everyone will get annoyed and a link to your misconception that you say

6. Responding to questions on Yahoo Answers-quote your site from the source.

7. Post on Google Groups and Yahoo with a link to your website in your signature

8. Make a 404 page that redirects your homepage-no need to lose visitors

9. Being able to lodge an objection to the form-trading links with someone who has an exemption to form on your confirmation

10. Consideration of a product or company - if your review is positive-mail the company and ask them to appear in their press section. (This worked very well for me)

11. Write articles and submit them to article directories

12. Write a press release and submit it to PRWeb (make sure it is newsworthy)

13. Use PayPerClick traffic (eg Adwords, MSN Adcenter, YSM)

14. Add RSS subscription button / link up a high profile on your site

15. Add a list to subscribe to a very up on your site

16. Bookmark this site link in a large room on your site

17. Use a script Tell a friend about your site so that users can send an e-mail to their friend on an article on your website.

18. Submitting a blog for a blog directory

19. You propose to the RSS feeds RSS directories

20. Specify your site in a post on Craigslist (no spam)

21. Optimize the titles of your pages for keywords for searching people

22. Buy link to your site

23. Buy criticism about your site on the site others

24. Buy banners on other sites if you can get a good return on investment

25. Send articles to ezine publishers with a link to your website

26. Is it a big viral push for a piece of link bait, post in forums, social bookmark sites like digg, email bloggers, and get a number of people to vote for you on the sites of social bookmarks this little - boost could start a chain reaction virus!

27. Have a link to your site on community sites like MySpace and FaceBook

28. Use a system for the exchange of traffic as BlogRush

29. Buying competitors spelling areas and redirect your site (beware of trademark infringement)

30. Create a free product to give (ebook, software, white paper …)

31. Submit your site to hundreds of directories using the vile-silent-list

32. Do characteristic of a group where you get other owners of websites in your niche to participate, perhaps asking them all an opinion on something.

33. Have a contest for the top 50 in your niche-1 month later after the results and let everyone knows that featured Watch link to tell them what it was.

34. Handing out business cards when you go to industry events in your niche

35. If you have a product launch an affiliate program and begin to address the affiliated

36. Submit videos on the video-sharing sites like YouTube and Metacafe. Include a link in the description and within the video.

37. If you have a product to send web site owners to get reviewed.

38. Look at a large place within your site and ask post positions for them visitor

39. Creating pages with links to your site to places like Squidoo and Hubpages

40. Place classified ads on eBay with a link to your website

41. Use an answering machine on your list to keep people coming back to your site

42. Exchanging links with a few related sites in your niche

43. Network! Send other site owners, their phone, go to industry events and you get known. If your face they know they will probably speak to you on their site if you do something interesting.

44. Many forums have a place for you to promote your site once and find them doing so.

45. Purchase of advertising in other people’s mailing lists and newsletters

46. Create a profile of the Amazon and begin presenting critical

47. Creating profiles on MySpace and start networking in groups who are interested in your site’s niche.

48. To conduct an investigation and publish the results, make sure you let people know about it.

49. Get your hands on a load of PLR content for your niche. Add a comment to the page, creating a single title, and display them on your site-all great news and a lot of new traffic.

50. Create a cartoon mascot for your site, then organize a competition for someone to create the best game for it to pay the winner a decent amount.

51. Make sure you have a domain name that is short and memorable catchy.

52. Use a well sought keyword in your domain name to help rank this keyword.

53. If you sell a product to someone who asks sells an item to the list of your products with theirs, and you do the same thing for them, splitting commissions on sales.

54. When you write a new article on your site-link to as many blogs as possible, they will probably see your site in their pingbacks, site statistics, or Technorati. They will visit your site and possibly to register and connect at a later date.

55. Get your RSS feeds syndication at various sites as Zimbio and hubpages and Topix.

56. If your site is popular and quality unique content then apply to get listed in the search for Google News.

57. Create a site map and submit it to Google (not great but could assist)

58. Use your robots.txt to stop Google indexing of some pages and directories of your blog (like the archives) to avoid duplicate content issues).

59. Create a couple of small 10 pages sites related to your main site. Provides links to these small sites, in exchange for links to your site (which is reciprocal linking triangular).

60. Get known as an expert and get featured offline in magazines, television and radio stations.

61. Using an automatic translation service to translate your site into other languages - put it in a subdirectory, and shows the movement foreigners come in.

62. Possibility to save messages on sex (not having to write anything rude), and look at the porn site visitors find their way to your site through Google.

63. Post news on celebrities, it is a niche, there’s always a large number of people looking for celebrity things.

64. Write good titles, securities good titles get more clicks.

65. Get stickers with your domain name. Going out and paste on foreigners and say “Yeah my Web site bla…bla…”, look for yourself.


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