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Web Technology

Web technology is an every changing market. By the time a new product or software is released, it is already being duplicated or upgraded in anticipation of the next wave or generation. Like any other form of technology today, web technology trends are noticeable and important for those involved in the online marketplace. Some of the more common trends of the day include: is only two years old, but is already a force to be reckoned with online. Users submit stories to the website and visitors read the articles and if they enjoy it, “digg” it. The more diggs a story receives, the higher it ranks until it makes it to the first page. Digg users have been spurred into action by certain stories and the site’s popularity based listing rather than hierarchical is extremely popular. The site has drawn its fair share of criticism for various things including bias and cliques, but overall it is an important technology and can be an important tool if used correctly. is the most well-known social book marking site. It grew so extensively in two years that it was acquired by Yahoo is 2005. In essence, allows users to tag their bookmarks using certain keywords and then displays a common list through its website. The homepage also displays a “hot list” helping make internet trends visible and easy to track. is free and is widely used. While some bookmarks can be marked as private, the open sharing of sites is highly encouraged. It is not a private organization tool, but rather a sharing element designed to better manage internet trends and popularity.


A wiki, such as, is a community managed collection of articles or discussion. Users can post articles or entries, but must do so with an open mind because the articles will not remain in their original state. Other users are free to add to, edit, and delete information as they see fit from any open item in a wiki. A wiki is a highly effective tool for collaboration and operates on the principle that many people over time will find common ground which is essentially truthful for all. (Open Directory Project)

Dmoz, or the Open Directory Project, is one of the largest web directories on the internet. It is a human-edited directory manned by an extensive group of volunteers. These volunteers screen each link that is submitted to the free directory to test for relevance and authenticity. Once a website link has been thoroughly examined, if it is approved, it will be added to one of the many categories the website contains.

To be listed in Dmoz is a SEO boon as well as meaningful for your website as a whole. In October of 2006, Dmoz suffered from a severe server failure. Much of the site is still being tested before being reinstated. There is no official word on when the site will be fully functioning, but it is still considered a major player in today’s technology.


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