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Gone in 10 seconds

The readers, that is. This would be their reaction 10 seconds after coming into your site and having an initial look at it. It is a known for a fact that people have the tendency to switch to another site when they are required to click on their mouse more than is necessary. It is also a fact that the people who go into sites are the ones on the rush to get the quickest information they can get their hands into. They do not have all the time in the world opening flashes and even getting rid of banners. To summarize all this, readers would be gone in a matter of 10 seconds from the time they see your site.

This is the reason the main pages of your site is one of the most important thing for a site to have. The rule states that they should be straight to the point, easy to navigate and do not have bandwidth. It is necessary for web sites to get the message through quicker than 10 seconds or the readers will be off and clicking on an other site.

People tend to lose focus on something in this short seconds. For things they find interesting and worth reading, the attraction will go on from that seconds and forward on. But if they find it boring and difficult to go into, chances are they would not attempt even a second to try and understand what is laid out in front of them.

This 10 seconds is also the basis of designers in site designs. As they go about their job, they should bear in mind that in those seconds, the page should deliver something useful, more so if everything will be. People can scan a page fast and absorb information much faster. It is said that the opening paragraph is the contract that the readers 'sign invisibly” with you. As with all contracts, they should be able to get what it promises as they continue on browsing your site. You should also make the most of the text you write into the main pages to deliver your message and deliver them effectively. It should be worthwhile to reflect a feeling of usefulness and no time wasted on the part of the readers.

People go into web sites for a purpose. It only takes 10 seconds for them to know if you have it in your site or not. Make your 10 seconds worthwhile and make the most of it.

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