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print media & staionary

Print design is anything created with the purpose of tactfully displaying a message on paper. Print design includes business cards (also known as visiting cards), stationary items like letter heads, envelopes, flyers, billboards, magazine ads, and more. The greatest works speak for themselves. There is no need for someone to explain their message and therefore very few words are necessary. Click here to view our portfolio for Print Media and Stationary that includes flyers, visiting cards, logos and a lot more!

Millions of people still read the morning paper each day. Millions of people still drive by the same billboards each morning and afternoon on their daily commute to and from work. When someone doesn't feel like cranking up their computer to search for a local business, they still grab the yellow pages. Just because the internet has become an enormously popular area for marketing dollars doesn't mean that print isn't a tremendous advertising outlet.

What makes a great print ad
You know it when you see it. The old saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words," is exactly what makes great print advertising. If a picture is perfectly selected for the message is conveys and it also invokes powerful emotion, a great advertisement has just been born. After a perfect picture has been selected, very little lies in the way of a terrific ad.

The Perfect Photo
We have access to massive collections of professional photography. This is usually a much better option than creating each photograph from scratch in a studio. It is very hard to create a compelling photograph in the time constraints of a typical project. Selecting the images from multiple databases of professional photography taken over the last century is a time and cost effective approach.

Image Selection
We take the best options from our collections and provide them to our clients for a final selection.

We can create illustrations for any type of project. Print designs often encompass vector illustrations because of their ability to narrow down their color range for special projects. Vector illustrations also work well for logos that must be resized to varying dimensions for multiple projects.

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